The Leader God Uses

Numbers 12:3 1. God is not concerned with age. Moses was 80, Aaron 83, (Exodus 7:7). Christ was thirty, (Luke 3:23). Timothy was young, (1 Timothy 4:12). Jeremiah was a youth, (Jeremiah 1). The key is trusting God with this man. The one God wants to serve might seem to be too old or too […]

How to Pray Like a Friend of God

Exodus 33:7-23 I. Communication is key to any relationship. (Exodus 33:11) II. Moses is free to make requests to God because he has found favor with Him. (Exodus 33:12) He doesn’t just fit God in. III. What does a friend of God ask for? 1. He wants to know God’s way. (Exodus 33:13) 2. He […]