How to Pray Like a Friend of God

Exodus 33:7-23

I. Communication is key to any relationship. (Exodus 33:11)

II. Moses is free to make requests to God because he has found favor with Him. (Exodus 33:12)

He doesn’t just fit God in.

III. What does a friend of God ask for?

1. He wants to know God’s way. (Exodus 33:13)
2. He wants God’s continuing presence.
Not just for himself but for his people – you singular (Exodus 33:14) – you plural (Exodus 33:16)
We need to pray for not only God’s presence in our lives, but in our family and church.
3. He wants to see God’s glory. (Exodus 33:18)
Moses had already seen God do great things but he wanted more.
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