The Leader God Uses

Numbers 12:3

1. God is not concerned with age.

Moses was 80, Aaron 83, (Exodus 7:7).

Christ was thirty, (Luke 3:23).

Timothy was young, (1 Timothy 4:12).

Jeremiah was a youth, (Jeremiah 1).

The key is trusting God with this man. The one God wants to serve might seem to be too old or too young. But, a man that God chooses will accomplish more in a millisecond than 4,000 men who are not suited for your church in a life time.

2. God is not concerned with “perceived experience.” (Exodus 3:1).

God will prepare this person with the needed experience to lead your church. I would much rather have a man that God has prepared for this church than a man who has pastoredfive large churches but is not suited for this task.

3. God is not concerned with speaking ability.

There are a lot of silver tongue Slick Willies out there. Don’t be enamored by these things. Look at Moses, (Exodus 4:10). He said he was not eloquent of speech.

A Leader God uses is:

1. One that is humble, anav in Hebrew, (Numbers 12:3). Bowed to the submission of God. It is not about him, but about God.

2. One that is hungry for God, (Exodus 33:18).

Not one that only is concerned with past experiences, but one who is daily seeking the face of God. Wanting God so much that he will die if he doesn’t taste more of God’s goodness.

3. Loves the people and Intercedes for them, (Numbers 11:1-2; Numbers 21:7; (Moses stood up for the people).

Time and time again God was going to destroy the people and Moses would fall on his face and intercede for them, (Numbers 16:20-22). Moses put the needs of the people above his own needs. God said that He would elevate Moses and create a new people from him. But, Moses refused this offer and instead interceded for the people. You want a pastor who will think of your best interest above his own.

4. Leads by following God, (Exodus 13:21; Exodus 33:11).

What do you need to do? Cry out to God! (Exodus 3:9).

Churches receive a pastor that doesn’t fit and who gets the blame?

The pastor search committee. Let me tell you, you, as the people are to blame. God gives you what your heart desires. If you desire this kind of leader, God will provide him.James 4:2 says “You have not because you ask not.”

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