Why Remodel?


Why should we spend $50,000 or $90,000 or even $110,000 on our church building? This is a very important question and one each of us must answer for his or herself. As I have thought about it, I have thought of [eight] reasons why NOW is the time to remodel our building.

Because we owe it to those who came before us.

For 155 years men, women and children have sacrificed to make Collinsville Baptist the center of worship for our community. They gave of themselves to give us the building we have today. It is a trust for which we must care.

Because it is time.

Since our church was begun in 1837 there have been six major building projects (four buildings, one remodeling of the sanctuary and the building of the educational building) or about one every 26 years. It has been 25 years since the last major project. It has been 33 years since the sanctuary was remodeled. How many of us still live in a home which has not been redecorated in 33 years (the same furniture, carpet, lights, etc.)? Repeatedly in our meetings last fall the condition of the building was listed as a primary concern. It is time.

Because we owe it to our children.

The future generations need our example of sacrifice and commitment. We cannot expect our children to care for a building nor a faith for which we are unwilling to care.

Because we owe it to our members who are unable to climb stairs.

Our building is in the most beautiful location in town. We are very fortunate to be on this hill. One part of the program will be the installation of an elevator. This building is too important to deny entrance to even one person because of a physical inability to enter.

Because we owe it to our young people.

We have been blessed with the best young people in the state of Alabama. At a time when other churches are begging young people to come we have so many attending that they will not all fit. How long can we expect 30-35 to fit in a space designed for 15-20? What are we saying to those young people if we do not do something?

Because we owe it to our choir.

One important part of the renovation will be the expansion of the choir loft.

Because we owe it to our community.

Collinsville Baptist is an extremely important part of this community. We cannot expect Collinsville to care much for us if we do not show pride in ourselves.

Because we need to grow.

Repeatedly studies have shown that when churches update their facilities new people begin to attend. We need to reach people for Jesus. We need an atmosphere that will better promote worship.
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