When You are Troubled and Depressed

When you review the great names and personalities of the Scriptures, you become aware very quickly that almost all of them knew, at one time or another, great discouragement and deep depression. Job is singled as a man of God, blameless and upright, whose staggering losses and long and painful illness brought him low: “My days . . . come to an end without hope . . . my eye will never again see anything good.” (Job 7:6, 7)

Moses is described as the meekest man on earth (Numbers 12:3) and rises as one of the greatest examples of an ordinary man who, submitted to God, became one of the greatest of all of the Old Testament characters. He was faced with the arduous task of being the leader and general answer man for over a million Hebrew people, as well as the administrator of God’s Law – a role to which he was assigned by God, but one made more complicated by the tendency of the Israelites to gripe, doubt God, and attack Moses. There came a time when Moses felt the crushing weight of this assignment and at last he cries out, “How can I bear [the] troubles, burdens, and disputes [of these people] by myself?” (Deut. 1:12)

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