What Can You Learn From a “Ham”?

Genesis 18-25

You have seen hams before . . . those people who are always playing practical jokes. What can you learn from a “ham”? Not much. But we can learn something from an Abraham.

1) A Ham recognizes the presence of the Lord . . . Lot, conversely, did not

2) A Ham isn’t   a cheapskate . . . a ham is a generous person he or she gives over and beyond what is pledged.

-told them that he would get a little water and a bit of bread. Look what He did. He gave (Gen 18:7-8)

i) God gives us everything that we have

ii) God gives us so that we can give

iii) As we give, God is a blessing to others through us

iv) God blesses us in return

3) A Ham comes to realize that nothing it too hard for God (Gen 18:10-14)

4) A Ham is bold before the Lord (Gen 18:22).

God is looking for people who will boldly come before Him. We talked about prayer, be we need to be bold in our prayer lives. We need to be bold in coming before Him. If we aren’t bold and don’t go before Him, then we will not go before Him.

5) A Ham is concerned about the destruction of other people (Gen 18:22-32)

We must intercede for the lost. Pellar Webb

6) A Ham leaves a positive legacy (Gen 19:1-3). Live your life for God so that others might follow in the same footprints.

Be Careful, the world can “suck you in”

7) A Ham is not perfect, yet has the power of God upon his or her life (Gen 20:1-7)

8) A Ham obeys God, regardless of the cost (Gen 22:2-3, 7-14) When we obey, God always provides a ram! P. 39

8) A Ham finishes well (Gen 25:7-8)

9) A Ham needs to be careful, because your mistakes will be emulated (Gen 26:1-11)

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