What a Gift

Luke 1:26-38

Begin with the pastor who went to the church in the snow and dropped into the plate $5.00. That is the amount the deacon paid him. Just think, said the boy, if we had given more we would have gotten more.When we think of Christmas, we rightfully think of the ultimate gift God gave to us in his Son Jesus Christ. The entire season of Christmas should focus upon giving. And yet, today we will study a gift that was given by a young virgin. Examining the gift of Mary I see some things that are helpful to each of us.

I. Mary gave what she had.

It is about giving what you have.It is about desiring to give.

C. Roy Angel pastor of Central Baptist Church in Miami, FL, 1936-1962. Founder of Baptist Hospital System. Great Story Teller. His mother worked. Had no father. Had a very sick little brother. Christmas time and had not decoration and going to town to get medicine for his brother. One day he walked into town and saw this beautiful blue Cadillac. Son, you love this car. What do you think of this Cadillac. That is beautiful. He said my brother gave it to me. “Oh, I wish”, (the man thought he was going to say,’I thought I had a brother like that.’ Instead, I wish I could be a brother like that.” The man drove him and saw the little shack they lived in. The man went and got groceries. Christmas eve. The next day was Christmas and he brought gifts for all the family. “I wish I could be a brother like that.”

II. Mary’s gift was costly.

Mary was being placed in an extremely difficult and even mortally dangerous position. Giving can be costly. It was costly in the potential that she would be stoned to death, lose her husband, and it became extremely costly as she saw her son on the cross. God is looking for men and women who will give costly gifts. Four Southern Baptist Missionaries in Iraq: David and Carrie McDonnall, Jean and Larry Elliott, Karen Watson, (Carrie was the only survivor). Video of Iraq.

III. God used her gift to further the kingdom.

Use a video clip to begin the walk to the manger.We need to give so that others may hear the good news.

We are so fortunate. Lord, help us to reach this world for you!

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