Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice

by Franklin L. Kirksey

Published by Word

Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice is a comprehensive book on preaching that remarkably provides a survey of the whole subject in a short page span.  Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey presents a compendium of information that is a veritable anthology of great preachers, past and present, to encourage, instruct and inspire the reader.  This highly recommended book has a motivational message for the beginning preacher, the seasoned veteran of the pulpit and for one exploring God’s call to preach the Word.  As a result of careful reading and extensive research, Kirksey offers many practical “how to” insights, for example: How to accept the call of God; How to make sure you have been called and How to understand and undertake the call of God. The author insightfully weaves the sobering realities of the pastorate and the heavenly idealism of the pulpit ministry into this practical handbook that should be required reading for every preaching class. This “must read” book has been described as “very readable,” and “a fast read with powerful punch.”  Please note this description is in part a derivative of endorsements like these:

  • “SOUND BIBLICAL PREACHING is a welcome contribution to the high and holy calling to ‘rightly divide the word of truth.’” –Dr. Stephen F. Olford [From the Foreword]
  • “Dr. Kirksey, by his extensive research, has accumulated a great deal of godly wisdom in ‘Sound Biblical Preaching’. . .”–Major W. Ian Thomas [From the Preface]
  • “Dr. Kirksey’s book will prove to be a great resource for preachers in a life where preaching is considered by many to be tiresome and irrelevant!” –Dr. D. Stuart Briscoe
  • “A preacher should read this book every year until his voice is stilled and God calls the preacher home.  Thanks for writing this book.  I commend it to preachers everywhere!—Dr. Steve Brown
  • “Franklin Kirksey’s commitment to solid biblical preaching is demonstrated on every page. This book will be of value to any preacher who wishes to more effectively proclaim God’s Word.”—Dr. Michael Duduit
  • “Dr. Kirksey’s book, Sound Biblical Preaching, is a must read for every preacher who takes seriously the biblical instruction to “preach the Word.’”—Bob Dasal
  • “Franklin Kirksey has made a valuable contribution to the revival of expository, biblical preaching in our contemporary age.” –Dr. Roger D. Willmore
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching . . . is like oil on the gears for the young, the busy, or just the overwhelmed pastor.” –Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
  • ‘Sound Biblical Preaching’. . . I recommend you read it, digest it, and use its many principles to make you a ‘sound biblical preacher’!”—Dr. Jerry Vines
  • “In this brief but powerful book, Dr. Franklin Kirksey fleshes out what sound biblical preaching means for the life of the church today.” –Dr. Timothy George
  • “Read it to be informed and practice its principles to be inspired.” –Dr. Robert Smith, Jr.
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching is a ‘must read’ for any pastor/preacher who desires to be the best communicator possible.” –Dr. Harold D. Fanning
  • “Dr. Franklin Kirksey is qualified to write about Sound Biblical Preaching because this is his life. Dr. Kirksey has practiced sound biblical preaching for many years.  Dr. Kirksey demonstrates a grasp of the principles of preaching the Word of God.”–Dr. John H. Killian
  • “Dr. Franklin Kirksey, has written an outstanding book that is destined to become a Christian classic. God truly blessed Frank by giving him a wealth of knowledge recorded in this book.  I am truly blessed to own a copy of this treatise.  I wholeheartedly recommend this awesome book to anyone especially to my busy fellow ministers and colleagues who serve our men and women in uniform around the world.”–Chaplain Manuel (Don) Biadog, Jr., Commander, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy
  • “This book reminds us who are preachers and reveals to those who are not, that preaching is not just a chosen vocation but a Divine operation.  We just purchased a large number to give to our Bible Institute preachers.”–Dr. Ronnie Barefield
  • “Before Dr. Frank Kirksey got his book ‘Sound Biblical Preaching’ printed, I was honored to read a rough draft and was really impressed.  Once in print, I purchased two additional copies for two young men just beginning their preaching ministry.  My strategy was that these two young men would be more apt to take advice from a scholar like Bro. Frank than an old deacon.  I was right.  Thanks Bro. Frank for influencing these two men.”–Jim Martin
  • “Unfortunately, many who surrender to the “ministry” today do not have a clear calling to preach. Sound Biblical Preaching will help settle that issue. While I was reading, the fire stirred within me to preach the Word.  Sound Biblical Preaching clarifies the call and provides a motivation to preach.”–Dr. Jim Richards
  • “Many preachers who are past the “honeymoon” stage of ministry need to read this book.   Since I teach research in my English Composition course, I want to use Dr. Kirksey’s book to demonstrate to students how to merge quotations to make an organic whole: the student’s own work but incorporating the ideas of many people.”–Dr. Paul M. Sorrells
  • “The greatest thing Sound Biblical Preaching does is to encourage and remind us preachers why we were called to preach and why we can’t give up.  It’s a reminder to the seasoned pastor that his call is divine and his steps appointed by God.”–Rev. Dennis J. Hester
  • “Dr. Kirksey has addressed clearly and helpfully the Biblical mandate and mission of the preacher. Filled with memorable quotations and illustrations, Dr. Kirksey’s concise volume paints an accurate and inspiring picture of what sound Biblical preaching is and who the sound Biblical preacher must be.”–Dr. David L. Olford
  • “I know of no greater need behind the pulpits in America than for sound, biblical preaching. With that in mind, I commend to you the Christ-honoring, expositional, exalting, teaching of Franklin Kirksey.  You will be helped by his ministry.”–Dr. Johnny Hunt
  • “Preachers young and old will find encouragement and inspiration in Sound Biblical Preaching to faithfully expound the Word of God.” –Dr.  Al Jackson
  •  “Franklin Kirksey has done an outstanding job of research and resource in his book, Sound Biblical Preaching.” –Dr. Edwin F. Jenkins
  • “It is really exciting to see a book that lives up to its title…Sound Biblical Preaching! Dr. Kirksey is committed to sound biblical preaching and this fact is revealed on each page.”–Dr. Paul Blanchard
  • “We are all indebted to Dr. Kirksey for his excellent research, dedication, and implementation of Sound Biblical Preaching.” –Dr. Mac Brunson
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching” is instructive and inspiring. I am grateful for your authorship of such an excellent book.  It gave me a spiritual and ministerial boost that I really needed.”–Dr. Daniel Wilson
  • “I urge every preacher to buy the book. Then read the book. Above all, heed the book.”–Dr. Bill Bennett
  • “This fast paced, but brief, motivational and informational primer on Expository Preaching is especially distinguished by its treasury of quotes. . . ”–Dr. Richard Mayhue
  • “[Sound Biblical Preaching] is incredible. You are a gifted writer and communicator. Your book will remain a treasured part of my library.” –Pastor Douglas Shelton
  • “Frank Kirksey’s book speaks a clear sound word that needs to be heard in our day.  I highly recommend this book.” –Dr. Fred H. Wolfe
  • “. . . this book will help the man of God who desires to communicate truth with power.”–Dr. Ron Herrod
  • “. . .it is refreshing to read an author who states, ‘God’s chosen method of communicating His Word is preaching.’” –Dr. Walter G. Nunn
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching . . . should be. . .on the recommended reading list of Bible colleges.” –Dr. Michael Ologun
  • “Dr. Frank Kirksey’s work on expository preaching is one of the best and most complete books on this subject. . .” –Dr. Charles A. Williams
  • “It’s a fast read with powerful punch. . . you’ll finish this book declaring, ‘This one thing I do–Preach the Word!'”–Dr. Ron Susek
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching. . . will. . .inspire and encourage the preacher personally to fulfill the call to preach the Word.” –Walter M. Blackman
  • “Especially helpful are the many quotes and insights from scholars and practitioners of preaching. I commend this book to you!” –Dr. Alvin L. Reid
  • “Franklin Kirksey has included the necessary elements of biblical proclamation that are founded on the eternal truths of God’s Word.” –Larry  J. Michael, Ph.D.
  • ” Sound Biblical Preaching should be on the “Must Read” list for every pastor.” –Dr. Howard B. Foshee
  • “Get this book by Dr. Franklin Kirksey! It is a must read for any man called to preach God’s Word!” –Dr. J. Mike Minnix
  • “Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey’s book, Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice, is much needed by the church today.” –Dr. Darrell W. Robinson
  • “I can wholeheartedly recommend this volume and trust that many preachers will read and profit from it.” –Dr. O.S. Hawkins
  • “Franklin has served us all by gathering some of the best thinking on the subject. It will encourage, instruct and inspire. . .” –Dr. Gene A. Getz
  • “You have ‘zeroed in’ on the fundamental need in our time . . . Your book should be published and be widely used.”–Dr. James Earl Massey
  •  “Buy the book, digest its content, apply its teaching. You will be rewarded in your ministry.” –Dr. Robert Gee Witty
  • In “Sound Biblical Preaching” my friend and fellow preacher of the Gospel, Dr. Franklin Kirksey, has issued a needed call for careful preparation and enthusiastic delivery of expository sermons.”–Dr. Larry C. Patterson
  • “I highly recommend this book to not only help pastors in sermon preparation but also to encourage the soul in the work of the preacher.”–Dr. Kerry L. Skinner
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed it and was challenged to work  more diligently than ever in preparing and preaching expositional biblical messages in my own ministry.” –Rev. Terry A. Veazey
  • “Not just a primer on ‘how to preach’ but a whole-life approach to the passion, urgency and determination it takes to be a pastor.”–Dr. Michael Catt
  • “Dr. Kirksey has written what will be a very valuable asset for all preachers of the gospel.”–Rev. John F. Sigler
  • “We are glad to add our endorsement!” –Dr. Robert L. Sumner
  • “F. L. Kirksey, himself a pastor, clarifies for us the notion, the nature and the necessity of a divine call to preach the Word of God.” –Dr. Ted S. Rendall
  • “[Kirksey] has indeed brought together a wide-ranging collection of wisdom on the subject of expository preaching from many great preachers, past and present.”–Ted Kyle
  • “Wish I had it in my early ministry. It is well written. You have the pen of a ready writer.”–Rev. Nathan L. “Tom” Robinson
  • “This is a wonderful book that every preacher must read.  It also gives a call to preachers to let the Bible speak on issues of life so that people will hear the voice of God and not men.”–Rev. Yaw Ofori
  • “Your book is. . . a walking tool alongside the Bible that any minister who wants to grow in preaching should never miss.”–Rev. Richard Wasike
  • “I recommend Dr. Franklin’s book to all. . .Sound Biblical Preaching has really assisted us in Kenya. . . “–Pastor Fredrick Makhanu
  • “In Sound Biblical Preaching Dr. Franklin Kirksey places the proper historical perspective on Scripture as the ultimate source of truth.”–Former Alabama State Senator, Albert Lipscomb
  • “Excellent book!”–Terry Wilhite
  • “. . .not only a ‘ must read’ for the young minister, but also, for the veteran pastor/teacher as well.”–Kim Wolverton
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching ought to be on the required reading list for every preaching class in every college and seminary in America. . .”–Dr. Phil Glisson
  • “This book is great. I believe a must read for young pastors.”–Rev. Jim Seago
  • “Every preacher today will profit from this thorough and strong plea for sound Biblical preaching.” –Dr. C. Sumner Wemp
  • “Dr. Kirksey’s scholarship provides the deepest foundation for those who teach and preach, giving God’s Word a voice.” –Glenn  M. Gring
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching is one that I believe, after the Bible, every student of preaching God’s word should have as a handbook.” –Dr.  Mark A. Wood
  • “…a “must read” for preachers and preachers-to-be who aspire to effectively proclaim the Word of God.”–Bart  Cannon
  • “This book will help bring focus to those trying to determine if God has called them to preach.”–Dr. Robert E. (Bob) Reccord
  • “Every pastor, teacher and layman should have this book in their ‘must read’ collection of books..”–Dorothy Harbison
  • “In life’s journey we need gentle, sometimes subtle and urgent, reminders of our mission. Franklin does that in his work.”–Dr. Bobby E. Hopper
  • “Copies of this book should be in every pastor’s study as well as church libraries for prospective pastors.” –Evelyn Glass
  • “Dr. Kirksey delves to the heart of what it means to ‘preach the word’ with conviction and power.  This collection of wisdom deserves a serious reading by the serious pastor and the hungry teacher. “–Stephen Goforth
  • “[Sound Biblical Preaching] is written in simple enough language that a pastor could unreservedly give it to a teenager who surrenders to preach. . . .”–Dr. James W. Bryant
  • “[Sound] Biblical Preaching is easy to read and understand. It is challenging and thought provoking.” –Dorothy P. Jones
  • “Beginning ministers will get a good start on the bedrock basic principles of preaching, and experienced ministers will review the basics.”–Dr. Harold T. Bryson
  • “This lucid work, a veritable encyclopedia of homiletical insight, will help the young preacher clarify his call to the ministry and begin to develop the discipline of a God-centered life that is essential for a fruitful preacher of the gospel. Read this volume and you will be encouraged! “–Jay T. Robertson, Ph.D.
  • “Your book, Sound Biblical Preaching, is a very valuable addition to my library, and it would be a helpful tool for any pastor or preacher. I refer to it quite often and it is a good read.”–Cecil  L. Kirksey
  • “Sound Biblical Preaching will inspire your thinking about preaching. Your desire to preach strong Biblical messages will increase. It will remind you of your call, and what God called you for. I am glad I have purchased a copy.”–Dr. James Andrew McCullen
  • “In this helpful book Dr. Kirksey deals both with theological soundness and practical help in preaching. This book can provide guidance to inexperienced preachers and encouragement to those who have grown discouraged in the ministry.”–Rev. Tommy Shipp
  • “It is refreshing indeed to read a book that serves to remind ministers and teachers of the depth, wonder, and sufficiency of God’s Word. Dr. Franklin Kirksey, a gifted author and pastor, has delivered just such a text.”–W.P. “Ab” Abercrombie, Ph.D.
  • “Dr. Franklin Kirksey has given the pastoral ministry a great gift in his book Sound Biblical Preaching.  As a church planter and a mentor to church planters, I believe this book will help every church planter to a call to biblical preaching in such a way that will lay the foundations for the future of the new church.”–Dr. George W. Garner
  •  “Your book [Sound Biblical Preaching] is one that I will recommend for pastors, young ministers, and laymen interested in sound biblical preaching.  I am interested in translating your book into Spanish and we can make personal arrangements to finalize this task in order to help our Hispanic pastors with a good book like yours.”–Pastor Alejandro “Alex” Pajaro
  • “I am pleased to commend to you Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice by Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey. In this Volume Frank has carefully made a case for the supremacy of the Bible in Christian preaching and the need for ministers to return to expository preaching in fulfilling Christ’s command to “feed my sheep.”–Dr. Tommy King
  • “It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey’s book titled Sound Biblical Preaching, to any preacher…”–Dr. Lewis A. Drummond
  • “Read it to be informed and blessed. Employ the principles propounded therein to be an inspiration and blessing.”–Dr.  Nelson L. Price
  •  “I recommend your excellent book; SOUND BIBLICAL PREACHING, to be a part of each of our Southern Baptist Seminaries curriculum. May God add to your tribe.”–Price Harris
  • “I am in enthusiastic praise for all believers to read your book [Sound Biblical Preaching], whether being called to ordained ministry in Jesus name or not. God bless you for bringing God’s Word to us each Sunday.” In Jesus name, Mrs. Ivel Patterson Caldwell
  • “You are a craftsman of sermons and collector of them of the first order.  I am most appreciative of your efforts to see a resurgence in Biblical preaching among us.”–Dr. Rick Lance
  • ”Congratulations on the good reception on the book. You have done well and have had the commendation of some of the finest expositors in Christendom.  I know the Lord will continue to bless it. Thanks for staying after this effort and seeing it blossom.”–Dr.  James T. Draper, Jr.
  • “Congratulations on the publication of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice.  I thank God for your dedication to Him and His word.  May He bless you richly.” –Dr. Jeff Ginn, Executive Director, SBC of Virginia

Sound Biblical Preaching was reviewed the following: Dr. Michael Duduit, PreachingNow online May 3, 2005; Ted Kyle, Pulpit Helps magazine, August 2005; Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist, October 20, 2005; Dr. James Bryant, Criswell Theological Review, Fall 2005 edition, Dr. Robert L. Sumner, The Biblical Evangelist, January/February 2006; Dr. Michael Catt, 2ProphetU online, Volume 07 Issue 13, July 2007;  Asbury Online Institute 2006– Asbury Theological Seminary,Wilmore, Kentucky & Orlando, Florida; and recommended in the Winter 2007 edition of NAMB SBC “Recommended Resources for Leaders  Media Guide”.

It is listed in “How Does a Pastor Build His Personal Library” under the “Books on Sermon Preparation and Delivery” section of The New Guidebook for Pastors (Nashville: B&H Publishing Group, 2007) p.251  by Dr. James W. Bryant & Dr. Mac Brunson.  Dr. David L. Olford has listed Sound Biblical Preaching in his bibliography of the syllabus for his course titled “Communicating Biblical Truth” at Union University ( Syllabus Available from:  Accessed: 05/24/07). Dr. George William Garner cites Sound Biblical Preaching in his doctoral dissertation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It is available from  

Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice is listed on the Alabama Public Library System website  and on  WorldCat  at .  It is located  in various libraries around the world including Spurgeon’s College Library, London, England; Bertha Smith Library, Luther Rice University and Seminary, Lithonia, Georgia; William Carey University Library, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; and the Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio.

Directors of Missions from various states have purchased multiple copies to give to pastors in their associations and pastors have shared copies with their protégés.

Several recommend Sound Biblical Preaching as a textbook and have extended invitation for me to teach homiletics in their institutions.  It is available in paperback from and in hardcover through the customer service department of BookSurge An Company.  Discounts are available of the paperback edition to libraries and bookstores through BookSurge customer service.  It is available in a Kindle format and on DVD through WORDsearch Corporation.  Sound Biblical Preaching is literally traveling around the world in various formats.

It is my prayer that it will accomplish God’s high and holy purpose for His glory alone.

Franklin L. Kirksey
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