Don’t Quit!

Matthew 25:40

As a minister, I see a lot of funerals
. . . Perhaps you read not too long ago about the tragic death of Larry LaPrise
. . . he wrote the hokey pokey. He put his right leg in and took his right leg out.
I personally want to thank you for all that you do to help people. Often your work goes unnoticed on this earth.
Don’t quit, however, being used to serve and help others.

1. Don’t quit even when things are not going great.

Have you ever had a day that things didn’t go well?

2. Don’t quit even when you don’t think you are making a difference

(Tim and Nancy Jones murdered by their son . . . the entire town of Monroeville was in shock . . . yes, the murders shocked this sleepy community, but more than that two beloved people were taken. Tim and Nancy never knew how much this town loved them. One man spoke to me with tears in his eyes, Tim was there for me when I had my heart attack and saw me to health. Another person cried and told me that Tim was there when my father died and nursed my mother to health from cancer. Don’t quit serving people. You may not see the rewards here, but you will one day.

3. Don’t quit reaching out to those in need.

They may be in the medical profession with you . . . but they need a touch . . . there are people all around you who might have a smile on their faces, but they need someone. I met a man in pharmacy that I would have guessed was the happiest person on the earth. But, the more I was around him the more I realized he needed a good friend. My wife and I built a relationship with him. We loved him. His mother died when he was little and his father re-married and threw him out on the streets as a teenager. He sought for love in all the wrong places. He needed a friend.

4. Don’t quit because heaven is watching you.

Jesus said “when you done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” Don’t quit because you are being watched and someone will smile and say “well done my good and faithful servant”
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