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Deuteronomy: A challenge to a new generation

January Bible Study 2015 By way of introduction The lead actor – a 124 year-old Moses – the only leader Israel has ever known The Book – his prophetic farewell speech to the Israelites – his last will and testament The people stood on the plains of Moab – just outside the Promised Land It was

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Your God and Your Tears

Psalm 56:8-11 Children are experts in the crying business. They can fall and skin a knee, and the tears flow. They can fall off their tricycles or bicycles, and the tears well up in their eyes and trickle down their little cheeks. They know how to cry. Crying, shedding tears, is a part of life.

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All Things Are New

Revelation 21:5-7 Topic: The Lords Supper 5 Now, for the second time in the book, God himself is the speaker (cf. 1:8). From his throne comes the assurance that the one who created the first heaven and earth will indeed make all things new (panta kaina). This is a strong confirmation that God’s power will

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Don’t Quit!

Matthew 25:40 As a minister, I see a lot of funerals . . . Perhaps you read not too long ago about the tragic death of Larry LaPrise . . . he wrote the hokey pokey. He put his right leg in and took his right leg out. I personally want to thank you for

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Finding the Strength to Go On

Lamentations 3:47-48; Lamentations 2:11 How to find the strength to go on: 1. Focus your attention on God, (Lamentations 3:25-29). Sit in silence 10 minutes this week and ask God if He wants to tell us anything. Matthew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of GOD” Read, slow me down Lord. 2. Ask God to remove your fears.

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