Discerning God’s Will

Acts 6:1-7; 13:1-3; 15:22; John 11:17 & 22; Colossians 2:2-3 and Romans 15:5-6.

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Ways in which I have seen churches operate:

  1. The pastor is seen as the mediator between God and the church. God tells the pastor His will and then the pastor challenges the church to follow. One of my professors was a pastor at a church in Birmingham. He wanted to start a satellite church. The people were questioning this decision and he stood up and said, “I am the leader, are you going to follow.”
  2. Everyone has their own opinions and they are all different. The pastor sees one way, each deacon sees it another way, the Sunday School teachers see something else, the committee leaders see something else. Everyone has their own opinion. They vote and the majority rules, but no one is thrilled.
  3. The elders and or deacons tell the church what should be done (Vaughn Forest)
In the Old Testament, God spoke through prophets or leaders (See Numbers 9:1-9)
In the New Testament, God led the leaders and the people in unity to see God’s will for His Church.
Acts 6:1-7
Acts 13:1-3
Acts 15:22
“A church comes to know God’s will when the whole body comes to understand what Christ wants them to do. For a church, knowing God’s will may involve many members, not just one. Yes, God often will speak to the leader about what He wants to do. The leader then bears witness to the body about what he senses God’s will is. The leader does not have to try to convince the church that this is God’s will. The leader does not have to ask the congregation to follow him without question. The leader encourages the body to go to Christ and get confirmation from the Head (Christ). The Head does the convincing on His timetable. Then the whole body follows Christ—the Head. This is why a church must learn to function as a body with Christ as the Head of His Church.” Henry Blackaby
The question is not “how many are for this and how many are against it. The question is, with all the information and praying, how many sense that God is directing us to proceed in this direction?”
Why? God wants a world to see Him.
One of the greatest monuments in America stands outside Trinity Church in Boston. It depicts Phillip Brooks in the pulpit and Christ standing beside him resting his hand upon Phillip’s shoulder. It states that Christ came to see that Phillip Brooks could not be explained apart from Christ.

God desires unity:

John 11:17 , John 11:22
Colossians 2:2-3
Romans 15:5-6
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