Washed in the Blood of Christ!

“One Christmas we had a tree which we trimmed on Christmas eve. The whole lighting effect was to be accomplished with red bulbs, and, when our work was finally done, we turned out all the other lights in the room so that   the bulbs on the tree should give out the only illumination.  We saw a starting thing!  Near the base of the tree was a poinsettia plant, having some red flowers and some white ones.  When the other lights were turned out and the red turned on, it was absolutely impossible to determine which of the poinsettia flowers had red petals and which had white – they were all white in the red light.  What a perfect illustration that was of what happens to our sins when they are washed in the blood of Christ!  They may be as scarlet, but when the red of Christ’s shed blood is applied they become as white as snow.”

Brian Harris
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