The Papa Prayer: The Prayer You’ve Never Prayed

by Larry Crabb

Integrity Publishers, 2006

Why read another book on the Lord’s Prayer? On the surface, that may seem to be a good question, but it is almost like asking, why read another book about the Bible?

The Papa Prayer, written by long time author Larry Crabb, is worth your time commitment in terms of devotional study. He handles this familiar topic with skill and insight. Crabb takes the concept of God as “our Father” and interprets the famous prayer from that vantage point.
In all honestly, I never grow tired of studying the Lord’s Prayer. Actually, I make it, an almost annual initiative spiritually. This study is one of the most enriching experiences for a believer in today’s world of anxiety and fast paced living.
Living the Lord’s Prayer, as well as praying it, is the challenge for the Christian. Larry Crabb has helped us with that daily opportunity. He has focused our attention on the “Father,” who loves us unconditionally.
Rick Lance