The Kingdom Focused Church – Experiencing

Matthew 6:24-33 – Please take your Bible and turn to Matthew 6.  We will read verses 24-33. – Jesus is beginning His earthly ministry with a foundational message which we have called the “Sermon on the Mount”.    He has given instruction on several “how to’s” of life.  We discover how to be blessed, how to […]

The Kingdom Focused Church – Empowering

Acts 1:9-26 – Acts 2 records the beginning the church age.  Candidly, the church as we know it today was born right here.  To read Acts 2 is to see the chapter opening with some 120 believers in the upper room and the Manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit of God literally “falling” in power.  […]

A Church That Makes a Difference

Matthew 16:13-20 Church, Faith, Prayer, Love Introduction: Dr. Fredrick Sampson, Mt Lebanon Baptist Church in Louisville, told this dream in the late 60’s.  He dreamed someone had a toothache and then walked into the dentist office and left feeling great.  Then, someone had disheveled air and walked into the beauty parlor and left feeling great.  Then, […]