The Time is Now

2 Timothy 4 There are some things that you cannot put off . . . you must do it right away or lose your opportunity. Once mother asked me to mow our yard. Growing up we had a fairly large yard (an acre and ½), the back was a 20 degree grade and the front […]

Journey From Here To Eternity

Romans 8:30b Subject: God’s Plan for Sharing Introduction: Dr. George Sweeting, chancellor emeritus, Moody Bible Institute, states, “On July 20, 1969, astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the surface of the moon.  Commander Neil Armstrong uttered the now famous words, ‘One small step for man-one giant leap for mankind.’  But as incredible as that journey […]

When an Ordinary Christmas Becomes Extraordinary

Luke 2:25-32 At times I am tempted to give up on Christmas. I need to qualify what I mean by that statement. Christmas as a cultural experience, in terms of shopping for my wife and two daughters, is real tough on me. In years past, I spent time and money shopping for these important ladies, […]