Overcoming Hate

Two families lived on adjoining farms in the hills of Kentucky. They had been quarreling for years.
The feud started when Grandfather Smith’s cow jumped over a stone fence and got into Grandfather Brown’s corn. Grandfather Brown shot the cow.
In retaliation for shooting their cow, one of the Smith boys shot and killed two of the Brown boys.
The third Brown boy swore vengeance for his two dead brothers, but before he could shoot any of the smiths he was called away to war and had to leave his family behind. While he was away his family suffered much hardship. The only living man was away fighting on foreign soil.
While he was away the Smiths went to church one Sunday and Mr. Smith got saved and immediately felt guilty for having shot two of the Brown boys. He prayed and then determined to help the Browns by hiring a boy to take a basket of food to their home everyday.
Finally Mr. Brown returned from war. He decided to find out who had been so generously kind to his family while he was away. When he discovered it had been his long time enemy Mr. Smith, he went to thank him.
The long time feud finally ended when someone decided to make restitution for the wrong he had done.
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