It’s Not My Fault

Text: Luke 4:42-5:11

Mr. Ishmacev from Russia was asked if he was a Christian and he responded, “No, I am not, but it is not my fault. No one has ever told me how to be a Christian”.
It is at all possible for someone to die in your community and stand before God and say “I am not a Christian but it is not my fault, no one at (the name of the Church) ever told me how to be a Christian.” That statement will not change where the person spends eternity but it should change the way we do church and the way we share our faith.
  I. Jesus Defined the Priority of his Purpose (4:42-44)
 II. Jesus Demonstrated the Power of his Presence (5:4-6)
III. Jesus Demanded our Participation in the Program. (5:10-11)
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