Is This Trip Necessary?

Romans 10:8-15


  1. During World War II, people on the home front were told to conserve fuel for the war effort. They were told to ask: “Is this trip necessary?”
  2. Many times during our missionary service, we, too, have asked: “Is this trip necessary?”
  3. Even Willam Carey was challenged about this.  After he preached his sermon promoting the obligations of the church to be a  missionary, he was told by an older colleague, “Sit down, young man. You are a miserable enthusiast to ask such a question. When God wants to convert the world he can do it without your help!”
  4. According to our Scripture today, it is not only necessary, but vital and even a blessing!

Everyone can call upon God!

A.    There are over 4,000 distinct, and different people groups in the world.
Over 2100 of these groups have no access to the Gospel.
  1. Each one has its own culture, language, and identity.
    Illustration: Mandinka People of West Africa say:  “Moolu bee, I mang kiling ne ti.”
  2. Each is proud of itself and think they know best.
  3. The good news is that this makes no difference to God!
Read:  Revelation 7:9-10 and 2 Peter 3:9b.
B.    Clearly, everyone can  call upon God.
  1. Black, white, or yellow.
  2. Western, Asian, African, or Chicano.
  3. Educated or uneducated; literate or illiterate.
  4. Jew or Greek; male or female.
  5. It makes no difference.
  6. In the IMB it is gospel that while some are unreached, there are no unreachable  peoples.
Transition:  Why then are there people who don’t call on God?

Everyone must believe!

A.    There is no shortage of belief in the world today.
  1. Religion is everywhere:  Islam, Hinduism, Sihkism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Scientology, And New Age.
  2. Even when people are not religious, they still invest themselves in a belief system: Patriotism, Communism, Modernity, Science, the Rule of Law, Liberal Politics.
    Illustration:  Mulder and Scully on “X-Files”
B.    The Bible tells us we must believe in the right thing!
Illustration:  “2 paths beliefs of MNK Muslims.”Quote:  John 14:6

Transition:  Why then are there people who don’t believe correctly?

Everyone must hear!

A.   Much misunderstanding of Christianity in the world.
  1. Mandinka Muslims ask: “When is your fast month?”
  2. Mandinka People of West Africa came to pray for us on Christmas.
  3. Every white person is a Christian.
B.    There is a lot of static in our lines of communication.
  1. With Muslims in the Middle East & with Animists in Africa.
  2. With Hindus in Central Asia & With Secular people in the West.
Transition:  How then can they hear?

Someone must go!

A.    There must be a preacher:
  1. Missionary or pastor
  2. Concerned neighbor or co-worker
  3. Relative.
Illustration: “If a grandmother is praying for you give up!”
B.    It must be a complete sermon.
  1. There must be a verbal message/offense of the Gospel.
    Illustration: “Being so culturally appropriate that you never witness.”
  2. Must live out a Godly life in Christ.
    Illustration:  “Difference between Christian marriage and Muslim ones.”
  3. Must reduce barriers between us and other people.
    Illustration:  Local dress, local language, local food, beard, etc.

Everyone Must Decide!

A.    They must either go or send! You can’t stay on the sidelines.
Illustration:  President Bush’s challenge about terrorism.
Illustration:  Jesus said: “Those who don’t gather the flock scatter it!”
B.    What will you do?  What will this congregation do?

Pray? Give? Go?

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