Inviting God’s Judgment

Prayer banned from public schools. Christmas changed into a totally pagan holiday. Christmas carols and Nativity plays no longer allowed in a public forum. Easter turned into a holiday that heralds the arrival of spring. Churches urged to preach a social gospel.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of liberal social planners and the ACLU, this has become a picture of the United States of America. Their idea is to stamp out any state sponsored observance of Christianity. You will note that I did not say state sponsored observance of religion; godless religions seem to get a free pass.
The first paragraph, however, is not a depiction of what is happening in America, but a picture of Germany in 1935. What Hitler achieved by edict during his rise to ultimate power, the United States has done by passing laws. Laws are simply a reflection of a nation’s priorities, agenda, and values. Rausas Rushdoony put it well when he said, “Behind every system of law there is a god. To find the god in any system, locate the source of law in the system. When you choose your authority, you choose your god, and where you look for your law, there is your god.”
The Nuremberg laws of September 15, 1935, deprived the Jews of German citizenship. There were a total of thirteen specific laws against the Jews that were designed to outlaw them completely. Similar laws were passed to deal in the same way with other “undesirables.” The passage of these laws made way for the atrocity we now call the Holocaust.
Most of us would be quick to condemn Hitler from removing the Jews from the category of personhood, and some will be offended at any comparison of Nazi Germany and the United States. But before we assume a smug, self-righteous attitude, we need to look at our own history.
Dred Scott was a black slave who served an army surgeon named John Emerson during the Civil War. While serving in an area where slavery was prohibited, Scott sued for freedom. To its shame, the Supreme Court ruled that blacks were not intended to be included as citizens of the United States. They were described as “beings of an inferior order,” and as slaves they could be “bought and sold, and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic whenever a profit could be made by it.”
Following the Civil War, the United States Congress approved a constitutional amendment that guaranteed rights to “all persons.” We should all applaud that decision, recognizing that each individual is a precious creation of God. Yet in 1973, our Supreme Court passed a law that denied another class of human beings legal protection under the law. With the stroke of a pen, the Roe v. Wade decision became law, and sentenced to death millions of unborn babies.
The abortionists of today can and have sued for slander those who dare call them murderers. Their plea is, “We have broken no laws.”    That is the same plea used by Hitler’s henchmen during the Nuremberg Trials. Behind this lies the assumption that whatever is legal is moral.
When a nation does not protect the most innocent of its population, all are in danger. Our road toward destruction began when prayer was removed from public schools. We went farther down that road when abortion on demand became the law of the land. We have seen how media can shape the values of our culture, and with the help of groups like the ACLU, can wage war against the values of the past. Hitler understood that propaganda had to precede any radical changes, and he promoted his agenda among the most impressionable group (youth). We have seen the fruit of this type of campaign of lies throughout our once, Christian land. Political correctness threatens our right of free speech. Abortion and special homosexual rights have changed our culture into one that is no longer Christian friendly.
When God’s word was taken out of our public educational system we should have realized that we were going to reap what we had sown. And when life at any stage is devalued, then life in all stages loses value. Any person under thirty five lives with the knowledge that their mother could have legally ended their life if she had chosen to do so.
One side of the abortion issues that gets very little attention is the strain on our economy. Every aborted child is one less future taxpayer. With over 50 million abortions, that amounts to a lot of tax dollars. Is it any wonder that our Social Security system is predicted to be bankrupt within the next few years?
The souls of the innocent cry out to God. Where is the outrage? Have we as Christians come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do? Today it is the unborn that is targeted. Tomorrow it may well be the elderly or disabled that become the targets. If you think that this could never happen in the United States, history has proven you wrong.
It is too late for the millions of aborted unborn. When will it be too late for the elderly, the infirm, or a particular class or race? When will it be too late for Christians?
Our fear should not be so much that God is going to bring judgment upon our land (even though it is greatly deserved), but that He will remove His hand of protection from us.
Kenny Hatcher
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