How Do You Know You’re Saved?

1 John 5:13

“Were written that you might know you have eternal life”

1st test: l John 1:3

“You have fellowship or relationship with the Father.”

2nd test: l John 1:6-10

“You will not walk in darkness,” and you have fellowship with one another.

3rd test: l John 2:3-6

“Obey God’s commands.”

4th test: l John 2:9-11

“Has love for brothers.”

5th test: l John 2:15-17

“Does not love the world.”

6th test: l John 2:23-25; l John 4:15; l John 5:1

“Deny that Christ is the only way.”

7th test: l John 2:29, l John 3:10

“We live a life of righteousness.”

8th test: l John 3:16-19

“Generous heart, especially with brothers.”

9th test: l John 3:24

“We have been given the Spirit.”

10th test: l John 4:5-6

“Listens to the Word of God.”

11th test: l John 5:4-5

“Perseveres to the end.”

12th test: l John 5:10

“Has a testimony in his heart.”
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