He’s Here

Billy Graham, his daughter and his aid were in London just leaving their hotel.  They passed a very handsome, familiar looking man coming through the door.  Dr. Graham recognized him immediately as Hugh O’Brian, an actor who had starred in the Wyatt Earp television series. Dr. Graham struck out his hand as he greeted him with, “Hugh, it’s good to see you again.” Mr. O’Brian recognized Dr. Graham and they stood briefly to chat. Dr. Graham introduced Mr. O’Brian to his daughter and his aid who had heard only the name “Hugh” and with his face wreathed in smiles, he responded, “it’s nice to meet you, Mr. Hefner!”

After the group went their way the only way the aid knew he had seen Hugh O’Brian (and not Hugh Hefner founder of the Playboy empire) was because Graham told later told the aid it was O’Brian. The aid had seen Hugh O’Brian; he didn’t recognize him for who he really was.

Is it possible to see Jesus and not know it like Mary Magdalene at the garden tomb on Easter morning? Sometimes we need help. Someone to nudge us and whisper, “look, He’s here. Right over there.”
Brian Harris
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