Exodus 3:11-4:17

A major company reviewed the reasons its employees had given for being late and awarded a prize. The winning excuse was, “My pig fell in the furnace and I had to take it apart to get him out.” The employee elaborated that his pig had become ill so he brought it indoors to recuperate. The pig fell through an uncovered furnace duct.
When God calls us to service instead of obeying we often just offer all kinds of excuses.
Let us study Moses excuses and God’s response.

1. I am not worthy (3:11-12).

Moses’ excuse, “Who am I?” Who am I to do this great thing you have asked me to do? I am not qualified.
God’s response, “I’ll be with you” You’re not qualified but I am.

. I do not know enough about God (3:13-14).

Moses’ excuse “What is your name?” I still have so much to learn. How can I lead I don’t know enough?
God’s response, “I am who I am” You already know who I am. I am the same God you already know and that is enough.

3. They will not believe me (4:1-9).

Moses’ excuse, “They will not believe me.” They won’t listen to me.
God’s response was to give three signs of His presence:
the sign of the rod,
the leprous hand,
and the water to blood.
God equipped Moses and made His presence with Moses obvious for all to see.
Illustrate this point with Ken Medema’s “Moses”.

4. I am not eloquent (4:10-12).

Moses’ excuse “I can’t speak.” I can’t do this.
God’s response, “Who made you.” I know what you can and can’t do. I would not ask you to do something and then not give you the ability to do it.

5. Send someone else (4:13-17).

Moses’ excuse, “Couldn’t someone else do this.”
God becomes tired of the excuses and becomes angry with Moses, but He sends Aaron as a spokesman.
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