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Most Unlikely to Succeed

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Reading the genealogy of the family of Judah in 1 Chronicles chapter 4 is like reading a Hebrew telephone book! Curiously, we discover a brief biography of a man named Jabez recorded in verses 9 and 10. Someone explains, “The compression of Scripture truth within its limited area is one of the great

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It Really Depends on You!

1 Kings 8:22-30 I.  Solomon’s Temple dedication. A.  The Ark of the Covenant arrived. B.  The Glory of God entered. C.  The Curse of Ichabod. II. FBC Geneva’s dedication. A.  The Covenants. 1.  God’s Covenant to you, (Luke 22:20; Matthew 28:20b; Exodus 25:8; Ezekiel 36:28b). 2.  Your Covenant to God and His people. B.  Your dedication. 1.  Dedicate your

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On Top of Mount Carmel

I Kings 18:21 Introduction: A.     King of the mountain Who will control the Mountain? When I was a little boy, we would play a game called King of the Mountain. One boy would place himself on a mound and declare himself king. Then each boy would attempt to climb the mound one at a time

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