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Your God and Your Tears

Psalm 56:8-11 Children are experts in the crying business. They can fall and skin a knee, and the tears flow. They can fall off their tricycles or bicycles, and the tears well up in their eyes and trickle down their little cheeks. They know how to cry. Crying, shedding tears, is a part of life.

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Testimony of God’s Trustworthiness

Habakkuk 3:17-19 The man’s hands were shaking as he talked to Chris Wallace about the economy. This was not just any man off the street. Henry Paulson has served as Secretary of Treasury in the Bush administration for the past two years and he is a veteran  the high rolling climate of Wall Street. But

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The Tremendous Power of a Timid Prayer

Mark 9:14-29 I.  Like the disciples, you and I sometimes become disoriented. Illustration:  I travel enough to get lost every now and then.  It may be in the open country or in the inner city or in the growing suburbs, but I do find myself becoming at least briefly disoriented.Can you imagine the feelings of

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