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He’s Here

Billy Graham, his daughter and his aid were in London just leaving their hotel.  They passed a very handsome, familiar looking man coming through the door.  Dr. Graham recognized him immediately as Hugh O’Brian, an actor who had starred in the Wyatt Earp television series. Dr. Graham struck out his hand as he greeted him

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Jay Walking with Pinocchio and the Whale

Jay Leno does a “man-on-the-street” interview, and one night he asked some young people questions about the Bible. Leno asked a young man , “According to the Bible, who swallowed by a whale?” The confident answer was, “Pinocchio.” Unfortunately, some church members are just as clueless about the book of Jonah.

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God Bless Miss California

“Miss California,” Carrie Prejean, was asked about her views on gay marriage by one of the judges at the recent Miss USA Pageant on April 19. This is certainly a no-win topic in our politically-charged environment, and a question requiring more than 30 seconds to answer. It’s less controversial to talk about “world peace” or

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What Difference Does a Father Make?

Several years ago, a team of New York state sociologists attempted to calculate the influence of a father’s life upon his family and future generations. The study included two men from the eighteenth century, Jonathan Edwards and Max Jukes. Max Jukes rejected Christianity. He chose a life of unprincipled behavior and crime. Among his 1,200

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Washed in the Blood of Christ!

“One Christmas we had a tree which we trimmed on Christmas eve. The whole lighting effect was to be accomplished with red bulbs, and, when our work was finally done, we turned out all the other lights in the room so that   the bulbs on the tree should give out the only illumination.  We saw

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Herbert Hoover

Rightly or not, President Herbert Hoover shouldered blame for the Great Depression. Historians say he did all he could, but neither he nor Congress really knew what to do. He was the Republican nominee for re-election, but was soundly defeated by Democrat F.D.R. The relationship between Hoover and Roosevelt was one of the most severely strained

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April Fool

Only two percent of Americans farm, but these folk are so productive that they feed the world. The farmers I know are fine people, but Jesus told a familiar story in Luke 12 about a farmer who was a fool. This man’s crops brought forth abundantly and he wouldn’t have to work for a long

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