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The Gospel in Red, White and Blue

Isaiah 1:18 About once in a decade our nation’s birthday, July the 4th, coincides with the Lord’s Day. On those special Sundays, Independence Day is known in some circles as “Red, White and Blue Sunday.”   The best remembered was in 1976, the 200th birthday of the USA.Regardless of the day, July the Fourth is a

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It Really Depends on You!

1 Kings 8:22-30 I.  Solomon’s Temple dedication. A.  The Ark of the Covenant arrived. B.  The Glory of God entered. C.  The Curse of Ichabod. II. FBC Geneva’s dedication. A.  The Covenants. 1.  God’s Covenant to you, (Luke 22:20; Matthew 28:20b; Exodus 25:8; Ezekiel 36:28b). 2.  Your Covenant to God and His people. B.  Your dedication. 1.  Dedicate your

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