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The Stewardship of Life

In talking with many members of our fellowship recently, it seems that the economy and how our government is handling it is on the minds of many. With stimulus bailouts, cash for clunkers, and potential healthcare bills floating around, this is the talk around the water cooler, at the dinner table, and in the grocery

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Four Essentials of Worship

As we approach our text this morning, we find the Israelites in the middle of building the tabernacle. The tabernacle was the dwelling place of God with them before the temple was built by Solomon. It was the place where sacrifices were made, it was the place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept,

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Prepare to Meet Your God

Our text today deals specifically with this subject of approaching God. I want you to notice several things about coming into the presence of God. I. Approaching God requires consecration This speaks to how God views us. In verse 10 God tells Moses to consecrate the people, to set them apart, to purify them, so

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Walking By Faith in the Wilderness

As we observe the leadership of the Lord and His working in the lives of Israel, and as we observe the response of the Children of Israel, there are five things I want us to consider, specifically as they relate to our walk as Christians. I. God calls us to walk by faith II. God’s

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The Exodus from Egypt

Our story opens with Moses and the children of Israel, probably about two million in strength, heading out of Egypt on their way to the Promised Land. Through a series of plagues, God not only demonstrated His sovereignty over all of creation and His superiority over the false gods of the land of Egypt, but

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The Plagues of Egypt

The term plague is, by definition, something which is always compared to the plagues of Egypt. We hear people speaking of disasters of “biblical proportion,” because for thousands of years now, the ten plagues of Egypt have been benchmarks or standards against which all other disasters have been measured. There are three specific things I

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The Forward Movement of God’s Plan

As a child of God you are not where you are by accident. God has either directed you to where you are or He has allowed you, because of your own choices, to be where you are. And regardless of where you may find yourself this morning, whether it is in a time of prosperity,

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