A City Upon a Hill

by Larry Witham

Harper Collins

A City Upon a Hill, is a unique consideration of America through the lens of the sermon. Essentially, Larry Witham has given the reading public a four hundred year history of preaching in America. In a analytically artful way, Witham has described how sermons have shaped America’s self-understanding from colonial times to the present.

Evangelicals will not agree with all his observations and conclusions. However, there will most likely be an appreciation for the task of highlighting how the, sometimes maligned, act of preaching has made a difference in the nation.
The title of the book comes from the semonic words of famous early American John Winthrop. The words also echoed in the speeches of Pressident Ronald Reagan, near the end of the twenthieth century. That vision of America, as a city upon a hill, continues to be a guiding, perhaps subtle, theme of American life today and it is a worthy way of comprehending the nation’s past.
Rick Lance