A Call to Prayer for Moral and Spiritual Awakening

A Call to Prayer for Moral & Spiritual Awakening

Suggested Order of Service

  1. Celebration (15 minutes)

Worship God through Song (Hymns and Choruses that focus on God)

Testimonies of God’s Goodness; Answers to Prayers; His Provision

Prayer focused on God’s Greatness

  1. Preparation (15 minutes)

Why We are Here

What We are Praying Toward-The Biblical perspectives for Revival & Spiritual Awakening

Preview the format for our Prayer time

Teaming up for Prayer Triplets or Prayer Partners & Prayer Huddles

(Prayer Triplet involves 3 people; Prayer Partner involves 2 people & Prayer Huddle involves 3 triplets or 3 partner groups praying together)

  1. Prayer Time (20 minutes)

Use the “ACTS” Model to Pray or Use the “PRAY” Model to Pray


A–Adoration                                            P–Praise

C–Confession                                          R–Repent

T–Thanksgiving                                     A–Asking

S–Supplication                                       Y–Yielding


Another Format:

A Time of Prayer for Praising & Worshipping God

A Time of Prayer for Confession & Cleansing–1 John 1:9

A Time of Prayer for Thanksgiving

A Time of Prayer for Asking


Another Format involving Prayer Partners/Triplets & Prayer Huddles

In Prayer Partners/Triplets–Prayer for Personal Revival

In Prayer Huddles–Prayer for Church Wide Revival

As A Congregation–Prayer for Revival Among all Believers


In Prayer Partners/Triplets–Prayer for Personal Holiness/Purity

In Prayer Huddles–Prayer for God’s Church to Be Holy

As A Congregation–Prayers For All Believers to Live Holy Lives


In Prayer Partners/Triplets–Prayer For the Lost Family, Friends & Neighbors

In Prayer Huddles–Prayer For Lost in Our State

As A Congregation–Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening in America

In Prayer Partners/Triplets–Prayer For Local Political Leaders

In Prayer Huddles–Prayer For State Political Leaders

As A Congregation– Prayer For Our National Leaders

  1. Closing (10 minutes)

Testimony of what God has been saying during this Prayer time

Committing ourselves to “Pray without Ceasing”

Song of Celebration (In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified)


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