Welcome to the new website. We hope that you find this site to be a useful resource in preparing your weekly messages. Here are a few new features we believe you’ll find helpful: Sermons are now organized and searchable by several different methods including by topic, verse, calendar or contributor. You’ll also notice the tabs […]

The Kingdom Focused Church – Experiencing

Matthew 6:24-33 – Please take your Bible and turn to Matthew 6.  We will read verses 24-33. – Jesus is beginning His earthly ministry with a foundational message which we have called the “Sermon on the Mount”.    He has given instruction on several “how to’s” of life.  We discover how to be blessed, how to […]

The Kingdom Focused Church – Empowering

Acts 1:9-26 – Acts 2 records the beginning the church age.  Candidly, the church as we know it today was born right here.  To read Acts 2 is to see the chapter opening with some 120 believers in the upper room and the Manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit of God literally “falling” in power.  […]

The Kingdom Focused Church – Embracing

Philippians 3:7-20 – The – Kingdom – Focused – Church.  Think about those 4 words for a second.  Each word has significant meaning. – The – An article denoting specific, distinctive nature.  It identifies something which is special, unique, and even “one of a kind.” – Kingdom – A kingdom is that which is ruled […]

The Kingdom Focused Church – Exposing

Matthew 16:18-19 / Matthew 28:18-20 – Have you ever taken a picture, taken it to be developed, and it came back “out of focus?” Do you remember your frustration? And do you remember that your frustration was controlled somewhat by basically two factors; how personal the picture and the cost of the picture. For instance, […]